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The Streets of Colombo When the Sun Goes Down - Nightlife and all its Fun

Traveling to Colombo and not experiencing its nightlife would b...

2018-04-17 92 People

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By talalshammary

2018-04-17 92 People

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The Streets of Colombo When the Sun Goes Down - Nightlife and all its Fun

Traveling to Colombo and not experiencing its nightlife would be a catastrophe, because the city is home to a vibrant variety of clubs, bars and restaurants!

For starters The Kingsbury Hotel’s rooftop bar, sky lounge is the perfect setting to unwind with a fancy cocktail or two, and a beautiful view of the setting sun for company. The atmosphere is one of music, dancing, good food and beautiful scenery.... perfect for anyone’s idea of relaxation.


In on the green, located at the Galle Face Hotel, is well known for its British pub like atmosphere. Amazing food, coupled with music and interactive quizzes make for a very lively and energetic celebration, what more can one ask for?


A Street that offers a variety of culinary delights, a nightclub, retail therapy and all this in an environment of complete and utter interactiveness? Yes please! Park street news, located in Union place is the place to be to experience this one stop everything! The ambience that surrounds this place is addictive, compelling you to visit and just to try a little bit of everything!


Colombo’s Rhythm and Blues is the ultimate party destination, armed with an ambience of the hottest music and people, it provides for a night out that is unique in every respect! Its spacious layout also allows for all to have a good time.


For all those who sing, think that they can sing or just simply love to regardless.... sopranos karaoke bar is the place for you. Located in Maitland crescent, this provides for an experience so entertaining for the singers and non-singers alike! Come be a part of the fun and watch the brave take on those famous karaoke battles, fully armed with delicious food!


The floor by o, conveniently located on the heart of Colombo is the place to be any night of the week. A club that offers quality for money in every aspect be it food, music, lighting and overall ambience of the place!

The Dutch Hospital, a building dating back to the colonial days of yore is now a popular and upscale shopping and dining precinct. It hosts a multitude of experiences, from exclusive shopping o to fine dining to finger food and cocktails in a casual setting! It is overall a chilled out and laid back place, everyone’s go to, to end a long day.


The Berlin Sky Lounge, a place for those who want to experience a sense of calm, with a plateful of delicious food and a glass of wine by a beautiful lake that forms the backdrop to a dreamlike night of complete and utter peace.

Colombo is a city if variety! From a relaxing evening to an endless night of party, the beauty of the city’s nightlife is that it has a little something for everyone and it is all quality for money. Experience it all and make memories that’ll put a smile on your face just at a remembrance of it, years from now!

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