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Smack Your Snack Under a Dollar !

It’s no surprise for us locals when I say “we can snack for...

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By talalshammary

2018-04-17 103 People

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Smack Your Snack Under a Dollar !

It’s no surprise for us locals when I say “we can snack for less than LKR 100” but for travelers from abroad, it may be a little shocking. But guess what, it’s better than you think! Sri Lanka is one of the most affordable places for a vacation. And food-wise, I don’t even have to tell you, right?

You may come across many families who try to make it on their own as entrepreneurs to live the day by selling home-made food by the road. I know what you’re thinking, but trust me these little shops (AKA Petti kade) are cleaner and more careful with their hygiene than bigger eateries island wide. Why, you ask? Because they are crazy concerned about quality and cleanliness of anything when offering to outsiders (a common practice of any Lankan home), IKR!


When you walk by roads you may find little push carts with fancy colours that offer little snacks like as Wadey, Roti, Samosa, Spiced Chickpeas, Kettle corn etc. All are priced from 10-100 LKR each on an average. It’s quite sizable so you can gobble up few and be surprisingly full. You may also find some of them selling tea for just 20-30LKR and Ta-Da! You snacked well.

You can find these little carts especially in the morning and after 2:00 pm as they tend to aim school and office crowds. Nonetheless if you go near public transport stations and stands, you find tons of them all day and all night offering you awesome little treats packed with goodness, sold with the biggest smile they can give. In the nights, some push their carts towards customers screaming their guts out of what they sell. You wouldn’t understand any of it but neither do we! Just look out for the funny noise or the lit up fire torch.


And about breakfast, you can easily find glass showcases in front of houses with wrapped/packed food like as string hoppers, noodles, pasta, roti, toast, buns and more for about 50-100LKR. Most households practice this with the food cooked at home, and keep the extras for their consumption so again, hygiene is not an issue! Poor families in wooden huts topped with coconut leaves by the roads, offering food have made it in their homes for convenience. They sell traditional sweets, breakfast food and also short eats such as rolls and cutlets for less than 50LKR and you can probably enjoy fresh orange juice or tea with your meal and have a small talk.


Saved the bomb for last…You can literally have an extremely yummy, satisfying and filling Breakfast or Lunch for just 150LKR (One Dollar) in some shops with at least 3-4 curries and a protein item, how crazy generous is that!



So if you’re travelling on a budget, or into street food I highly recommend you try them all out with no doubts in mind. Little homes offering little food served with so much love tastes and feels much better when you see how happy they are to sell you something they made, just to survive the day.


  • Try to find a cart in the shade because they keep the food behind a glass and it may taste odd boiled in the sun. Also, you can chill while enjoying the lip smacking snacks!

  • If you buy exceeding 100 LKR you may get one or two for free

  • If the place is crowded, try there!

  • Make sure the vendor is tidy and not sick (sometimes the food is clean but he may not be)

  • Look for welfare shops run by military – Big shops with quality and yummy food for just 100 or less!

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