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Sacred Places to Visit in This Divine Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka, although a minute tropical island, the pearl of the ...

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Sacred Places to Visit in This Divine Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka, although a minute tropical island, the pearl of the Indian Ocean if you will, is home to four different ethnicities on the path of four different religious teachings. The Buddhist’s who form the majority of Lankas coexist with the Catholics, the Hindus and the Muslims.

Sri Pada or Adams peak, a conical mountain located in central Sri Lanka housing the "sacred footprint of the Buddha" is revered as a holy site by Buddhists. Pilgrims walk up the mountain, enduring a variety of difficult routes, up thousands of narrow steps for several hours to get to the 1.8 meter rock formation near the summit, to witness the "sacred footprint”. This Task of utmost faith and dedication usually takes place between the months of December and may as heavy rain, thick mists and extreme winds that characterize the other months are absent during this period.


The beauty of this landmark is that it connects Hindus, Catholics and Muslims. The Hindus regard the footprint to be that of Shiva, whereas the Muslims and Catholics consider the mountain as housing the footprint of Adam.

Catholics are devoted in their pilgrimage and worship to the shrine of our lady of madhu, located in the mannar district. The church has been granted a canonical coronation by pope pius XI and has a history of over four hundred years.


The church is visited by the biggest crowds during the month of August, as it brings forth the annual feast of the church which occasions the sacred assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into heaven. This also facilitates school children to attend as it occasions a month of school holidays thereby facilitating entire families to take part in the Blessed pilgrimage.

The Nallur Kandaswamy Temple, located in the Jaffna district of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka is a significant place of worship for all followers of Hinduism in the country.


The deity, Lord Murugan or Katharagama Deviyo, presides in the Holy "vel" in the Sanctum, the primary shrine and in various other forms that include the Shanmugar, Deivayanai and Muthukumaraswami.

The annual festival, held at the temple is spread over a period of twenty five days during which an abundance of Holy "poojas”, Yagams and Abishekams are conducted. The water cutting festival, the holy wedding, Manjam and but a few festivals the temple sees annually.

The temple showcases a beautiful sight whereby thousands of devotees accompany the huge and heavy chariot that houses the statute of God Shanmuhar, as it parades through the streets of the temple.

Sri Lanka is home to a variety of beautifully and ornately crafted mosques, of which the Jami Ul Alfar Jummah mosque, located in Colombo’s Muslim concentrated business hub, Pettah is one of the oldest. This mosque is also referred to as the second cross street mosque.


The Jami Ul Alfar mosque is so unique in its creation that it has qualified as one of the landmark buildings in the city of Colombo. Its location makes it easy for working devotees around the aforementioned business hub, to attend the mosque and engage is worship.

This mosque is also referred to as the Samman Kittu Palli in Tamil, Rathu Palliya Sinhalese and The Red Masjid in English.

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