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Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Review: Insights and Truth on the Scrumptious Goodies

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf situated down Maitland Crescent is kno...

2018-04-17 176 People

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By shannon

2018-04-17 176 People

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Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Review: Insights and Truth on the Scrumptious Goodies

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf situated down Maitland Crescent is known for their rich coffee and delicate tea blended to real goodness. From light and subtle coffees with mild and mellow flavors to rich and soothe well balanced flavored coffee and a wide variety of black tea, flavored tea and so much more, they’ve got it all!

Not only scrumptious beverages served both hot and cold but the store offers an abundant tray of edible mouthwatering goodies as well; from breakfast to lunch to evening snacks and dinner. Visit the simple yet elegant café to enjoy a peaceful and heavenly experience with friends, family or just by yourself as both their food and prices will never make you feel alone!

Though the prices will make you want to split the bill, remember after all that all good things come with a price!

For our review we tried a café mocha with an ultimate breakfast platter, a tandoori chicken sandwich and of course their famous Blueberry cheesecake.

The mocha was indeed rich and out of this world. A rich drink of fine coffee blended to absolute goodness topped with a heavenly swooshes of whipped cream. The ice blend was Rs.690 while the large is available for Rs. 800. Like that isn’t enough, they also offer a variety of topping varying from caramel and chocolate sauce to extra whipped cream for just Rs.100.

Then there’s the ultimate breakfast and ultimate indeed it was consisting of soft and light scrambled eggs, garlic buttered sausages, paneer bread with a delicate layer of melted butter together with two tiny cups of strawberry jam and cold bakes beans.

The Tandoori chicken sandwich wasn’t particularly a favorite but maybe garlic mayo, Rita sauce, tomato and red tandoori chicken would call for your tastebuds. We however did enjoy the juicy chicken and the fresh salad leaves that give you that extra crunch.

All in all, the famous blueberry cheesecake. Let me tell you that is a definite must have. Forget the price for once just to say you’ve had a bite and you’ll have something to brag a little about. You can have it anytime and it’ll lighten up your mood and give you an instant high spirit.

Service and Ambience

The service is pretty and the staff is rather friendly making you feel at home and comfortable at once. The newly renovated upstairs with its neat interior designing, TV and added outdoor space creates a spacious and vibrant feel to all customers.

To give you all a brief sum up, coffee bean and tea leaf is the place to go to if you want to enjoy a quiet time with rich food and company or like we said earlier just by yourself.

“Coffee bean is a great place to spend quality time with friends-catching up or alone with book or newspaper. The quality of the food and drink is high as in the price, but it’s a good place to treat one’s self.”


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